Anorak | Five kids did not see family alsatian kill and eat mum in Nuneaton

Five kids did not see family alsatian kill and eat mum in Nuneaton

by | 10th, February 2012

IN ” FIVE KIDS SEE THEIR ALSATIAN KILL MUM”, the Sun’s Andrew Parker has news of “brave mum” Cassandra Smith, 49, “savaged to death by the family dog in front of her five children as she tried to stop it attacking them“.

The story, on page 9 of the Sun, tells of “petite Cassandra SMith” and the “frenzied alsatian“. The dog “went for her daughters” at the family home in Nuneaton.

Petite Cassandra Smith, 49, leapt in to fight off the frenzied Alsatian when it went for daughters Charlotte, 28, and Annette, 26. But the snarling animal flew at her and sank its jaws into her face and throatHer five terrified kids — including Shelley, 25, Kayleigh, 21, and Jayson, 30 — looked on screaming in horror.

A neighbour called William Brown says he “found the three-year-old dog …’chewing her face'”.

What says Warwickshire Police?:

She had told a family member that she was feeling unwell the night before her body was found. At the current time there is no evidence to support rumours, circulating in the local community, that she died from injuries inflicted by the family dog.

A post mortem took place. Warwickshire police state:

A post mortem examination carried out today on a 49-year old woman who was found dead in her home in Donnithorne Avenue, Nuneaton on Tuesday morning (7 February), has shown that she died from natural causes as a result of a pre-existing medical condition.

The examination established that injuries to the woman’s face were caused after she had died. The woman was found in her bedroom by an adult member of her family on Tuesday morning. The woman had stated she had been feeling unwell the previous evening. A juvenile dog, believed to be a bull mastiff, staffie cross, aged approximately five months old, which was found in the room with the woman, has been destroyed following consultation with the family.

An elderly German Shepherd dog, that was in another room in the house, was not involved in the incident

Members of the woman’s family request that the media leave them to come to terms with what has happened and do not attempt further contact with them.
 Such are the facts…

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