Anorak | Police seize Manchester United fanzine Liverpool KKK masks

Police seize Manchester United fanzine Liverpool KKK masks

by | 11th, February 2012

MANCHESTER United v Liverpool. Patrice Evra v Luis Suarez. Suarez has refused to shake Evra’s hand. Suarez is the player who served an eight-game ban for racially abuasing Evra. Evra is the player who grassed Suarez to the referee, who held aloft the imaginary yellow card. Outside the ground @gmpolice have seized all copies of Manchester United fanzine Red Issue. The organs includes a photo is of a Klu Klux Klan-styled cut-out and-wear hood. The invitation is for United fans to wear it as Liverpool emerge.

Is this because United are less racist than Liverpool, functioning as a force for good and fairness? Or is it – get this – because making fun out of the opposition is great fun? Rubbing the enemy’s open sore is joyous? Delight in their failure is wonderful?

Evra v Suarez. The fans of all colours love it…

Spotter: @andersred

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