Anorak | Madonna’s insane stalker Robert Dewey Hoskins, now captured (sadly)

Madonna’s insane stalker Robert Dewey Hoskins, now captured (sadly)

by | 13th, February 2012

THERE’S nothing more that makes us scribes tick than some ginormous tragedy. When everything is glad and cheery, it is deemed a ‘quiet news day’. And so, regrettably, we have to report that Madonna won’t be getting slit from ear-to-ear by her crazed stalker, so then we can fawn over her in an obituary and all join hands in some circle jerk of community grief.

That’s right – the ‘very violent’ stalker who escaped from a mental hospital earlier this month has now been recaptured by police, according to official reports.

Robert Dewey Hoskins (Bob Hoskins?), who has a name that sounds like the kind of actor hired by the Coen brothers, had been jailed for ten years in ’96 after he scaled a perimeter wall at Madonna’s house and threatened to hack open the pop star’s throat if she didn’t marry him.

So Madge would have been rightly troubled hearing that he’d managed to escape from a Cali mental health facility, especially given that he was “highly psychotic when not taking his medication.”

Mercifully for the world, Hoskins is now back under the watchful eye of the police after being on the run. Sadly, we won’t get to flex our writing muscles, being all poetic about a dead Madonna. Such is life.

Now that she looks like she’ll live, we’ll have to go back to promoting unpopular opinions about her new ‘MDNA’ album (set for release on 26th March, and we’ll base our view on whether everyone likes it or not. We’ll just do the opposite in a bid to troll everyone).


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