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Mof writes and plays records for a living. He doesn’t live in London, can’t cook and tweets too often. Find him at @mofgimmers.

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The Advantages of Joining VIP Clubs

Joining VIP clubs can have several advantages including special offers that
make enjoying your experience even more special. Most entertainment industries
have a VIP club of some sort, as do many others.

Night … (read more)

Posted: 12th, March 2019 | In: Online-PR | Comment

The death of bingo halls

The death of bingo halls

If bingo were a sport, it would be the 6th most popular sport in the country. Over 1.9 million people regularly play bingo each month in … (read more)

Posted: 23rd, October 2018 | In: Technology, The Consumer | Comment

Worst US Soccer Kits!

WITH Stevie Gerrard looking like he’s off to play football in the United States of America, most likely to live in the sunny climate of Los Angeles to play for … (read more)

Posted: 26th, September 2018 | In: Fashion, Sports | Comment

The commercial impact of the World Cup

The commercial impact of the World Cup
It’s safe to day that the World Cup is one of the greatest shows on earth. With a global audience measured in the billions … (read more)

Posted: 7th, August 2018 | In: Online-PR | Comment

Who Replaces Andy Townsend at ITV Football: hooting simpletons, ‘better’ bores and other options

RAPTUROUS cheers broke out across Britain yesterday as ITV confirmed that Andy Townsend’s contract won’t be renewed when it expires in the summer.

Andy has been in-and-around ITV Football for over … (read more)

Posted: 9th, January 2015 | In: Sports, TV & Radio | Comment

Transfer Balls: Messi & Luis Suarez Cheslea and Manchester City bound?

THE Premier League has a lot of money, so every time someone half-decent flutters their eyelashes at the transfer market, there’s a good chance that player will be wooed by … (read more)

Posted: 8th, January 2015 | In: Sports | Comment

Caley Thistle tell fans to ‘pay what you can’

THE topic of ticket prices in British football is a hot one. English fans will know that they’re routinely paying more to watch live football than any other country. There’s … (read more)

Posted: 7th, January 2015 | In: Sports | Comment

Ched Evans: The things you should be thinking about

Sheffield United and Wales striker Ched Evans (centre) arrives at Caernafon Crown Court where he will stand trial today accused of raping a woman at a … (read more)

Posted: 5th, January 2015 | In: Reviews, Sports | Comments (2)

FA Cup’s Greatest Giantkillings!

THIS weekend sees one of the most fun weekends of English football – the magical THIRD ROUND!

The big boys of the Premier League and Championship enter the fray, taking on … (read more)

Posted: 2nd, January 2015 | In: Sports | Comment

Chelsea: Football via paranoid schizophrenia

AS everyone knows, Chelsea FC are hilarious. If it wasn’t for Newcastle United, they’d be the funniest football team in the Premier League. Their owner is batshit mental, they hire … (read more)

Posted: 30th, December 2014 | In: Chelsea, Sports | Comment

Pardew to leave Newcastle? Who next?

DURING his time at St James’ Park/Sports Direct Arena/TK Maxx Enormodome/Whatever It Is Called Now, Alan Pardew has had a fraught time of it. Fans wanted him sacked, then he … (read more)

Posted: 30th, December 2014 | In: Sports | Comment

Dead man muck-raking: FIFA told talks with Blatter

THERE’S something near-admirable about the way Sepp Blatter runs FIFA. He clearly couldn’t give the slightest of tosses about people knowing what he’s been up to. He’s got the crooked … (read more)

Posted: 22nd, December 2014 | In: Sports | Comment

The Blessed Hamstring: Manchester United’s Phil Jones gets spiritual to cure what ails him

INJURY-PRONE players are unfortunate. It isn’t their fault that their bodies betray them and stop them from doing their high-performance job. If a Formula One car has a misfiring engine, … (read more)

Posted: 17th, December 2014 | In: manchester united, Sports | Comment

Arsenal v Ireland: The best… and worst of Thierry Henry

EVERYONE is queueing up to pay tribute to Thierry Henry, who announced his retirement from football today.

In his time at Arsenal alone, his stats were preposterously great. For the Gunners, … (read more)

Posted: 16th, December 2014 | In: Arsenal, Sports | Comment

Man United player in match-fixing investigation

EVERYONE who isn’t a Manchester United fan is currently irritated that they’re 3rd in the Premier League table as, after a long period of success, it would’ve been nice if … (read more)

Posted: 15th, December 2014 | In: manchester united, Sports | Comment

Hereford United debacle continues as club suspended by FA

THE mess that has befallen the supporters of Hereford United took a fresh turn today, as the club have now been suspended “from all football activity” by the FA.

Hereford and … (read more)

Posted: 11th, December 2014 | In: Sports | Comment

The Best of Man United v Liverpool

THE Merseyside derby… the Manchester derby… the North London derby… they’re all well and good, but having a rivalry based on your postcodes is really very, very boring.

Much better is … (read more)

Posted: 9th, December 2014 | In: Liverpool, manchester united, Sports | Comment

Football and Fans: No-one likes us, we don’t care

BRITISH football fans are some of the most maligned people in the world.

When the press mention the fans, you know that they’re taking about the kind of people who throw … (read more)

Posted: 8th, December 2014 | In: Sports | Comment

Do referees show bias against football teams? Let’s review the data

REFEREES have one of the most unenviable jobs in football. They’re there to make sure everyone adheres to the sport’s rules, stopping football from turning into free jazz. They have … (read more)

Posted: 4th, December 2014 | In: Sports | Comment

The List of Things Banned From UK-Made Porn

Actress Elaine Barrie observes as actor John Barrymore, Sr., demonstrates the spanking scene on director Otto Preminger in “My Dear Children,” during rehearsals, Jan. 1940, in … (read more)

Posted: 2nd, December 2014 | In: Reviews | Comments (2)

Headmaster Found Giving Head to Maths Teacher

IT wasn’t that long ago we had the scandal of a teacher having it away with a 16 year old student in Argentina (and the subsequent video ending up on … (read more)

Posted: 2nd, December 2014 | In: NSFW, Reviews | Comment (1)

Cellino disqualified from Leeds United and how not to run a football club

SINCE the fallout of Peter Risdale’s creative interpretation of debt, Leeds United have been a mess. Even if you loathe the club (hello Manchester United fans and Brian Clough’s ghost), … (read more)

Posted: 1st, December 2014 | In: Sports | Comment (1)

Spurs Pitch Invaders: Funny or nah?

IT has been revealed that the three people who disrupted Tottenham Hotspurs’ Europa League match with Partizan Belgrade were internet japesters who are well known for their pranks.

The three are … (read more)

Posted: 29th, November 2014 | In: Sports, Spurs | Comments (2)

Lionel Messi: Manchester City Bound?

FC BARCELONA have been the modern equivalent of The Beatles, with just about everyone heaping praise on them, apart from sneering hipsters who don’t like anything successful, so they heap … (read more)

Posted: 26th, November 2014 | In: Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City, manchester united, Sports | Comment (1)

Is Arsenal Boss Arsene Wenger doing a Brian Clough by staying too long?

WHEN Brian Clough turned Nottingham Forest into European Cup winners, among other things, he could do no wrong. However, with loyalty can come a price.

Brian Clough stayed in Nottingham too … (read more)

Posted: 25th, November 2014 | In: Arsenal, Sports | Comment