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Dead man muck-raking: FIFA told talks with Blatter

by | 22nd, December 2014

THERE’S something near-admirable about the way Sepp Blatter runs FIFA. He clearly couldn’t give the slightest of tosses about people knowing what he’s been up to. He’s got the crooked swagger of Emperor Palpatine, cackling his way around the corridors of power, cackling ‘really though, what are you going to do about it?’

You suspect that he’s got a room filled with folders, with the most unspeakably awful dirt on some of his colleagues who are brave enough to challenge him.

However, it looks like things are closing in on Blatter as football’s world governing body, FIFA, are holding secret talks with Sepp about his future as president.

As you know, Blatter has been under gigantic amounts of pressure in recent months, all culminating from FIFA awarding the World Cups to Russia and Qatar. What didn’t help was the fact that Blatter’s FIFA decided to conduct an audit into the way they awarded the World Cups, which lawyer Michael Garcia completed, which was then published in part, which saw Garcia furiously accusing FIFA of misquoting him and not sharing his findings at all.

Garcia was so furious that Garcia resigned from FIFA’s ethics committee last week.

Along with that, UEFA president Michel Platini said emphatically that he would not be backing Blatter in next year’s FIFA presidential elections. That’s right. Sepp Blatter, a man who has a name that is wholly tarnishing the whole of football and is a walking PR disaster, intends to run for FIFA presidency next year.

See? The brass balls on him is remarkable.

Platini said: “I supported him in 1998 because I think he was the right person at the time but after successive terms it is time to let some fresh air in and leave the place to someone else. The image of FIFA is very, very, very bad so that’s why I think it would be good that Blatter stops, but I don’t think he wants to.”

It has emerged that, with the vultures swarming around Blatter’s head, there’s now a number of people who fancy challenging the FIFA president. Now he’s looking weak, they’re weighing up their candidacy options.

Presidential candidates have five weeks to formally declare their interest in running for the top job, which Blatter has had since 1998. In that five weeks, Blatter will be dusting off his dossiers and there’s going to be a helluva lot of muck-raking.

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