Anorak | Want to see a photo of Whitney Houston’s dead body? Here you go

Want to see a photo of Whitney Houston’s dead body? Here you go

by | 15th, February 2012
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WANT to see a photo of Whitney Houston’s dead body? The Sun has so far only managed to get a photo of her “DEATH BATH“. But we’ve got a photo of Houston’s body. Want to see it?

Reared on photos of Michael Jackson on his death bed, TV shows like All New Cosmetic Surgery LiveBody Worlds Extreme Makeover and government-led purges on fat and sugar, we have been invited to look at the human body as revealing of the person within it.

Are we that shallow?

So. Want to see dead Whitney Houston?

When Princess Diana died, Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, press wrangler for Princes Hal and Wills, wrote this to Channel 4:

“I must ask you not to broadcast those photographs that depict the crashed car whilst the princes’ mother lies dying in its wreckage. These photographs, regardless of the fact that they do not actually show the princess’s features, are redolent with the atmosphere and tragedy of the closing moments of her life. As such, they will cause the princes acute distress if they are shown to a public audience, not just for themselves, but also on their mother’s behalf, in the sense of intruding upon the privacy and dignity of her last minutes.”

Is it wrong to want to see a photo of the dead star? Do the photos help us to understand what happened? Do we need to know? Do have a right to know? Diana’s death became a murder mystery in some sections of the media. So too Jackson’s. So too Houston’s. In a world where we want to be shown everything in ‘real time’, is not being shown something more interesting?

So. Wanna see the photo of a dead Whitney Houston? Well, here’s one angle:

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