Anorak | Rumer Willis now denying that Demi Moore is ‘fine’

Rumer Willis now denying that Demi Moore is ‘fine’

by | 16th, February 2012

SHE’S looked like a woman on the ropes for a while, so it wasn’t exactly a surprise when Demi Moore was taken to hospital. Everyone assumed it was a mixture of stress (in the exact same shape as Ashton Kutcher) and drugs (probably fancy celebrity drugs like cocaine and ground up griffin bones), but no-one ever suspected she’d be whisked off to A&E after taking laughing gas.

There was brief good news when Rumer Willis said that Demi was “on the road to recovery”. However, now, Rumer has denied ever making the comment.

Demi is said to be recovering at a rehab clinic, where other rumours are sprouting, saying that she’s being treated for an eating disorder as well as addiction issues.

Now Rumer has claimed that she hasn’t said that her mother is getting better,  with the a representative stating: “She didn’t make those comments.”

Are we to assume that Demi Moore is still in a very bad way then? More importantly, are we going to have to update our Death Pool lists?

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