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You Won’t Believe Where Tupac Has Been Living

by | 6th, May 2014

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In this photo taken Tuesday, June 12, 2012, video images of the Tupac Shakur hologram are displayed on a computer monitor at the Subtractive Studio in Santa Monica, Calif. When Tupac Shakur rose from the stage in the California desert.Date: 12/06/2012


REMEMBER when Tupac died? That was sad wasn’t it? Well, Suge Knight, who just so happened to be in the driver’s seat of the car that was filled with bullets back in ’96, which resulted in wounds that led to ‘Pac’s death, isn’t convinced that the rapper is actually dead.

Anyone who has done any reading on Suge will know that he’s not exactly a trustworthy source.

“Why you think nobody been arrested if they said they the one that killed Tupac?” he wondered while talking to TMZ. “Because Tupac not dead. If he was dead, they’d be arresting those dudes for murder. You know he’s somewhere smoking a Cuban cigar on an island.”

Of course, Suge isn’t the first person to say this.

There’s whole conspiracy theories about Tupac. You know he was known as ‘Makaveli’ and we all know that Machiavelli used to fake his death to win battles or something or other?

There’s a whole load of mutterings about who killed ‘Pac and why. IT MUST BE A COVER UP! HE MUST BE ALIVE SOMEWHERE AND THE WHOLE THING IS AN ELABORATE RUSE FOR SOME REASON!

The main crux is that the case for his murder still hasn’t been solved in the nearly two decades, and that is always going to provide more kindling for the rumour fire.

Naturally, The Death Row Records co-founder’s name has been linked to a number of theories, but he’s not having any of that nonsense.

“When they asked me if I know who killed Tupac, I’m the nigga that said, Hey, absolutely not!” he said. “I don’t get down like that. You’ll have a naive motherfucker walk down the street and say, Suge Knight killed Tupac. When everybody know, off the top, I ain’t the nigga that killed Tupac, I’m the nigga that protected the nigga Tupac.”

So there you have it. That should keep everyone happy for a while, right? HANG ON! WHY DIDN’T SUGE GET FATALLY WOUNDED AS WELL AS TUPAC?! THAT MEANS HE MUST HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WI….

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