Anorak | Westminster paedophiles: how police Sergeant Don Mackintosh and the church saved Cyril Smith in Stockport

Westminster paedophiles: how police Sergeant Don Mackintosh and the church saved Cyril Smith in Stockport

by | 19th, March 2015

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Westminster paedophiles: a look at the story of VIP crimes against children during the 1970s and 1980s. The tabloid Press have been hot on the news of corruption in high places. Let’s look at today’s coverage:

Number of front pages covering the story : nil.

The Sun   page 11: Rod Liddle says the elite are “shiedling political paedos”.

Liddle says news that gross former Labour and Liberal politican Cyril Smith was arrested for alleged child abuse and his files wiped from history explains why no politican has been treated to the same high-profile raids as celebrities think of innocent Jim Davidson being arrested at Heathtrow Airport as her flew IN to the country and police raiding Sunderland FC’s Adam Johnson’s home.

We’d add that no police have been so brutally dealt with, either.

Liddle adds that because the police allegedly abused the Official Secrets Act to busty Smith’s depravity, the “morbidly obese self-publicist” was free to attacked boys in his Rochdale constituency and beyond.

Who now trusts the police?

And what of now?

The Daily Mail has news on page 22:

“Scores of paedophiles, rapists and even killers are being granted bail after being found guiulty.”

Suppose you could call that progress. Unlike Sir Jimmy Savile and Sir Cyril Smith at least they were tried before they dropped dead.

Daily Mirror  page 26: “No one ever tipped me off about Savile, says Rantzen”

Childline founder Dame Esther Rantzen has denied being told Jimmy Savile was a paedophile decades before he was unmasked.

Dame Esther was not just the founder of Childline. That is a good legacy. But it is not her only one .

Rantzen, 74, appeared in court as a witness during the trial of a woman accused of cyberstalking child abuse campaigner Shy Keenan, 52, on Twitter. Ms Keenan has previously alleged that she told the former TV presenter that Savile, Gary Glitter and Jonathan King were paedophiles in 1986.

Rantzen said: “Shy Keenan was telling them that I said they were too rich, too powerful and that I, Esther Rantzen, could do nothing about it. I said that’s absolutely untrue. I never took the view that anyone was too rich or too powerful. I have a track record in this.”

Rantzen added that if she had been told of such an “explosive allegation” she would have advised Ms Keenan to contact police.

She also admitted she had concerns the “completely untrue” allegation would taint and damage her charity Childline.

Ranztzen ius the BBC stalwart who  said of Savile:

“We all blocked our ears to the gossip.”

Daily Express : Nothing. Not one word on the story.

Daily Star : Nothing. Not one word.

And in the serious, more high-brow papers?

The Times : not a single word in the print edition.

The Guardian : “Cameron guarantees child-abuse whistleblowers won’t be prosecuted”

Oh? He guarantees it?

David Cameron has said he doesn’t want to see anybody prosecuted for passing on information to the police about the possible cover-up of a paedophile ring with alleged links to Westminster in the 1970s.

He doesn’t want to see it? Or it won’t happen in law? Very few people actually want to be prosecuted for anything. What you want and what the law says are very often not the same thing.

In light of allegations that a police investigation into child abuse by a group of public figures was scrapped due to political pressure, Labour MP Tom Watson asked the prime minister for a “cast-iron guarantee” that police and intelligence officers with information about the accusations be given “full whistleblower protections”.

And the reply?

“I don’t want to see anyone prosecuted for uncovering wrongdoing in this way,” Cameron told MPs in the penultimate session of prime minister’s questions before the general election, saying that both the home secretary, Theresa May, and the attorney general had given reassurances that it is highly unlikely anybody will be prosecuted under the Official Secrets Act.

So. No guarantee at all, then.

Is the news any different online? Yes. The Mirror online reports:

Cop who ‘found Cyril Smith in sex beast’s home with teen boys told to forget what he saw’

You can forget the sight of a massively fat, famous man raping a child?

The officer said: “I had been in the force about six months. The occupier was about 70 and seemed an old grandad type. In the house was Cyril Smith and a police sergeant in civilian clothes. The officer identified himself and showed his warrant card, saying he was there ‘on other business’.

“There seemed to be a party going on, with two young lads there. Smith and the officer left. The boys, aged about 14 to 15, were drunk.

One was missing from a children’s home. I called for a van and took him back. The other lad walked off. The old man was arrested and I took him to the main police station in Stockport.”

He said at the station he discovered that the oap had a record dating back to the 60s for sex offences and had spent half his life behind bars.

He was just given a caution for the latest offence – a decision the officer ‘found very strange’.

You put on the uniform to uphold any law of the land however wrong-headed it is and then when you see the something anyone sane would find repulsive and worthy of exposing, you

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