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The secret of longevity: fat, sugar and booze

by | 23rd, July 2018

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Eileen Maher is “30 years older than the NHS” says the Indy. We like a new measurement – length measured in football pitches and double-decker buses, height in St Paul’s Cathedral and weight in Victoria Beckhams are old hat. So it is that the planet is about 6,000 years old than the NHS (source: Creationists), Brexit is 68 years younger than the NHS and Eileen Maher is celebrating her 100th birthday. And according to the Indy, shecredits custard creams and Stella for her long life.”

She does? We hope so because if true Jamie Oliver and the moralists running the NHS will be having a fit. “Eileen’s not big on bubbly so her favourite tipple was on tap – Stella Artois,” says a woman at the care home where Eileen lives.


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NHS says stop eating biscuits and boozing.


For her birthday bash, Eileen topped off the lager and biscuits with some cake and sherry. Meanwhile… over in the NHS, fat, sugar and booze are off the menu…

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