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Watch Jean-Pierre Léaud’s Fantastic Audition for The 400 Blows In 1958

the 400 blows

FRENCH cinema’s intense The 400 Blows (Les Quatre cents coups – the French title comes from the idiom, faire les quatre cents coups—“to raise hell”) features a fantastic performance from Jean-Pierre Léaud as the delinquent adolescent Antoine Doinel. For anyone who has not seen this spellbinding 1959 film, here’s an outline of the story from Criterion:

François Truffaut’s first feature is also his most personal. Told through the eyes of Truffaut’s cinematic counterpart, Antoine Doinel (Jean-Pierre Léaud), The 400 Blows sensitively re-creates the trials of Truffaut’s own childhood, unsentimentally portraying aloof parents, oppressive teachers, and petty crime. The film marked Truffaut’s passage from leading critic to trailblazing auteur of the French New Wave.

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1959: A Nurse Injects A Dummy At The Nursing & Health Exhibition

FLASHBACK to March 2 959:

Nursing & Health Exhibition at County Hall: A nursing sister shows how an injection is given. The exhibition was organised by the London County Council.

(Because dummies are terrifying.)

PA-5969763 (1)

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1959 Louis Bleriot Race: Lt Commander W.G Boaks Sets Off From Marble Arch By Rollerskates

FLASHBACK to July 13, 1959:



Lt Commander W.G Boaks setting off from Marble Arch by roller skates, in a race to mark the 50th anniversary of Louis Bleriot’s cross channel flight, using any kind of transport.

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Advice for Yeti hunters from the Us Embassy in Kathmandu

ADVICE for Yeti hunters from the US Embassy in Kathmandu comes in the form of a 1959 contract. Hunters can photograph the Yeti but they must not shoot it dead, except in an emergency. If killed, the Yeti becomes the property of Nepal, which also owns all image rights.

yeti hunters

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