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Eli Wallach Takes Photos On The Set Of MacKenna’s Gold, 1967

FLASHBAK to August 4 1967:




Actor Eli Wallach takes advantage of the studio lights on the set of “MacKenna’s Gold,” Aug. 4, 1967, to make some stills of tone of his co-stars in the film, Edward G. Robinson. Robinson plays the role of an almost blind prospector. Wallach adjusts the lights on his subject and takes pictures with his own Nikon F camera. (AP Photo/David F. Smith)

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1967: Manchester City’s Mike Summerbee Demonstrates His Car’s Built-In Record Player



FLASHBACK: Manchester City’s Mike Summerbee demonstrating the built in record player in his new Swedish sports car on 17/03/1967.


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How To Succeed With Brunettes And Blondes Prefer Gentlemen: 1967 US Navy Guides To Etiquette And Women

IN 1967, the Us Government taught the men How to Succeed with Brunettes. Produced by the US Navy, the film was aimed at the officer classes. Never agin would they fail in the brunette etiquette tests. 

The holiday camp music and voice of paternalistic authority add to the sense of watching a well-played joke wrapped about a firm moral message.

Two things: couple are all boy-girl; and the only black face in view belongs to a waiter. This was 1967. Etiquette came before institutionalised racism. But let’s not spoil things. Let’s get down to the pulling:



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Flashback To 1967: African Schoolteacher Sanderson Chirambo And His Man-Powered Aircraft “Limba IV”

FLASHBACK: African schoolteacher Sanderson Chirambo is with his man-powered aircraft “Limba IV” on the road at Glenara Estates African School, 10 miles from Salisbury, Rhodesia on March 15, 1967, before his attempt to become the first man to fly successfully a man-powered aircraft. His machine  – a  bicycle fitted with a 12 foot aluminium wing and tailplane – failed to leave the ground. After the attempt Sanderson shook his head sadly and said: ““It’’s the same problem I’’ve faced all along. It’’s much to heavy.”

PA-11862343 (2)

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In 1967 five flying saucers landed in Somerset and across southern England

UFO Hoax - Somerset

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