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Manchester United Balls: In 1989 Michael Knighton Had Lost A Million And Gained Michael Knighton

MANCHESTER United fans grumbling over their side’s slip from the top can cast their eyes back to August 19 1989, when new chairman Michael Knighton dressed in the team kit before going on the pitch to entertain the crowd before the first division match against Arsenal.



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Don’t Make Me Go Back, Mommy: The 1990 Children’s Book About Satanic Ritual Abuse

IN the 1990s, Satanic child abuse was a hot topic. Most recently, the news of Devil worship and children was resurrected with the Jimmy Savile scandal. Do read it all. It’s a story of a moral panic and crackpot, agenda-driven science.  In the US, there were many lurid reports of Satanic abuse, such as at the The Martin preschool in Manhattan Beach, the Little Rascals daycare centre in North Carolina in 1989, and the Oak Hill daycare centre in Texas in 1991. No-one was ever found guilty of abusing children in the name of Satan.


satanic abuse


But there many arrests both in the US and in the UK. There were case of child abuse proven. But none featured Ritual Satanic Abuse.

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