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Horse meat scandal: Yorkshire Abattoir took Grand National fallers

SOME HORSES fatally hurt in the Aintree Grand National might have been taken to Peter Boddy Slaughterhouse, Todmorden, West Yorkshire. That place has been shut down. The fear is that meat from it has been used in beefburgers and kebabs. (Yeah. That kebab might be made from actual meat!)

An Aintree spokesman states:

“By the time these carcasses are returned to the disposal organisation’s premises they are totally unsuitable for consumption. They are likely to contain chemicals such as Bute and are fully signed off as unsuitable. Indeed it is illegal for horses humanely put down by injection on the racecourse to enter the food chain. We are as confident as we possibly can be that no unfit meat ever reaches the human food chain.”

Fears abound that drugs used to treat horses have entered the food chain.  In 1990, Roll-A-Joint died at the National. How you feeling..? Peckish?

Posted: 14th, February 2013 | In: Reviews | Comment