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New York And LA TV Stations In War Of The Burning Logs

ANSWERING the question ‘What’s more wooden than the cast of Hollyoaks?’ are the KCAL-TV and KTLA TV stations. Anork’s Man in LA tells us:

A STATION in New York’s been doing it years… running video of a burning fireplace for much of Christmas morning.

Now the holiday tradition is going bi-coastal in a big way, with two different Los Angeles stations firing up competing fireplace flames on the holiday.

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Posted: 22nd, December 2009 | In: TV & Radio | Comment

What’s More Dangerous: Biking Or Jogging?

IS riding a motorcycle at great speed more or less dangerous than joggin? Discuss:

Posted: 9th, December 2008 | In: Sports | Comment

Tight Testers Of Japan Unite

TO the tights!

Posted: 30th, October 2008 | In: Strange But True | Comment

Bush And Archangel Gabriel Drive Animals To Suicide

AS if the global warming wasn’t enough, the poor dumb animals have to listen to Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel as the Earth dies…

If only her dad had signed the Kyoto agreement… For shame!

Without Kate and Pete, you can hear the bow bend…

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Posted: 4th, October 2008 | In: TV & Radio | Comment (1)

American Police Get Irony

EVEN American police get irony…

Posted: 26th, September 2008 | In: TV & Radio | Comment

Laughing At Road Markings In Russia

IN Russia when police suspect you of drink drving and ask you to walk along the line, you’re likely to escape without a fine…

Posted: 21st, September 2008 | In: Strange But True | Comments (10)

When Australian Streakers Attack

WHEN Australian streakers attac (NSFW):

United vs Hummocks Watchman Eagles match at Virginia Oval. A streaker. A jump. A bang on the head…

Posted: 16th, September 2008 | In: Strange But True | Comments (2)