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Arsenal: smoking Jack Wilshere employs the Ozil defence – it was for a bet


ARSENAL star and English football’s great white hope Jack Wilshere has been pictured smoking what looks like a humble cigarette. Bit of a berk smoking a fag when you’re a professional athlete paid a fortune do a job that others would pay to do but he’s an adult and it’s his life. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger says:

“I disagree completely with that behaviour. I need to have a chat with him about that. You don’t do what damages your health as a footballer. You damage your reputation when you do that in public.”

It’s not just the smoking; it’s the opinion of smokers:

“In England especially you don’t need to convince me, because I tried it as a footballer on coaches after a game when you didn’t see each other, there was so much smoke on the coach. But times have changed. And English society is very sensitive to smoking, much more than France, than southern countries, so it’s a bit more shocking here than somewhere else.”

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Posted: 4th, October 2013 | In: Sports | Comment