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Ashlee Simpson-Wenzt In Her Chicago Broadway Debut, In Pictures

ANORAK’S Man in New York was there to see Ashlee Simpson-Wentz perform in Chicago the Musical on Broadway. So many actors, singers, reality TV stars have starred in the show that it must be Ashlee Simpson-Wentz’s turn. Ashlee has turned her hands to pretty much every showbiz trick in a bid for fame – she named her son Bronx Mowgli, spells her conventional name unconventionally, has a showbiz sister (the almost human-like inflatable doll Jessica Simpson), endured cosmetic surgery, lip-synched on the telly (she was unable to sing because of “acid reflux disease”) and starred in a serialised TV boast card about her life, where her acid reflux was one of the few things left unmentioned. Can musical theatre be the showbiz thing she’s good at? Here she is, in pictures:


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Destiny's Child star Michelle Williams, Denise Van Outen, Claire Sweeney, Jill Halfpenny from EastEnders, Aoife Mulholland, a finalist from the BBC reality TV show How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?, Melanie Griffith, Kelly Osbourne and many more have appeared in Chicago the musical. Your turn soon…

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Dr Conrad Murray Jailed As ‘Michael Jackson Made Me Do It’ Defence Fails

national-enquirerIN this week’s National Enquirer: Michael Jackson’s Dr Conrad Murray is sent down, Pete Wentz causes Ashlee Simpson to talk of divorce and Heidi Montag is hell-sent…

Michael Jackson Homicide


“DR DEATH” is “cowardly” Conrad Murray, and he might blame Michael Jackson for his alleged involvement in the singer’s death should a Dr Barry Friedberg be right when he says:

“He’s going to try to put the blame on Jackson. But it won’t work because Murray was the one with the medical license, the power to prescribe medication and the job of keeping his patient alive.”

Dr Friedberg is not only “a Propofol expert”, he is an expert in legal matters and knows Dr Murray’s defence, a man who there is no evidence of his ever having met. Indeed, there is no evidence that Dr Friedberg ever met Michael Jackson.

And Dr Friedberg’s expertise doesn’t end there:

“But if Murray thinks the people around Michael are intimidating, wait until he gets a load of the inmates in prison.”

Dr Friedbeg is medical expert, lawyer, judge and jury.Case closed.

Heidi Montag Anti-Christ Bikini

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