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Why is Barroso lying to us about the Robin Hood Tax?

A CERTAIN Mr. Barroso tells us today that the Robin Hood Tax is a really wonderful idea:

Mr Barroso said the legal requirements and conditions had been met and he did not believe the tax would undermine the single market if it were imposed across limited parts of the European Union. “I am delighted to see that 10 member states have indicated their willingness to participate in a common financial transaction tax,” he said. “This tax can raise billions of euros of much-needed revenue for member states in these difficult times.”

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Posted: 24th, October 2012 | In: Money, Politicians | Comment

Barroso blames it all on America – only the German banks went bust first

SO, Barosso, the President of the European Commission has this to say about the current euro disaster:

“This crisis was not originated in Europe … seeing as you mention North America, this crisis originated in North America and much of our financial sector was contaminated by, how can I put it, unorthodox practices, from some sectors of the financial market.”

Which is interesting because it’s complete tosh.

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Posted: 19th, June 2012 | In: Money | Comment (1)