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The Beaver Magazine Becomes Canada’s History Of Porn Mags

the-beaverFANS of The Beaver magazine will have to get this thrills elsewhere as Canada’s second-oldest magazine changes its name because its unintended sexual undertones.

The Beaver’s fans have been caught in web filters, causing Beaver readers to endure pictures of naked female genitalia, some of it on actual beavers.

The magazine will be known from hereon in as Canada’s History. Says Beaver editor-in-chief Mark Reid

“Market research showed us that younger Canadians and women were very very unlikely to ever buy a magazine called The Beaver no matter what it’s about. For whatever reasons, they are turned off by the name.”

Other magazine changing their names:

Cheap Old Rides – Bus Pass Journeys
Bald-Headed Yogurt Slinger – Cultures Today
Honey Pot – Billiards Weekly
Butts & Birds – Guns & Hunting

And many, many more…

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