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Blue |vy Carter is ‘Dog Shamed’ – Beyonce Perp Walks ‘Blue Ivy Farter’

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WELL-versed in dog shaming – owners sit dogs by apologetic messages – we saw Beyonce’s photo of her walking Daughter Blue Ivy Carter, who is sporting the message on her back “MISS BLUE FARTER”. Is this cruel? No. The gang at Anorak Towers’ Kindergarten thought it fantastic and wonder if Blue Ivy can crack out any of her mum’s hits?


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Beyonce on the sweet surrender of Blue Ivy Carter’s birth: The Epi-fanny

GQ has been speaking with Beyonce Knowles. The singer recall the magick of giving birth to a Blue Ivy Carter:

“When I gave birth, that was the first time I truly let go and surrendered. And it taught me how amazing that feels… Giving birth made me realize the power of being a woman. I have so much more substance in my life. And expressing that excitement and that sensuality and the connection I have with my husband—I’m a lot more comfortable with that now. I actually feel like my child introduced me to myself.”

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Blue Ivy Carter showcases her line of massive Santa socks

JAY-Z wants to shed a few word about Blue Ivy Carter, his daughter with Beyoncé. Blue Ivy lives a life of gilded ostentation the sultan of Brunei has been pushed to call “showy“. In his new tune, 3 Kings, Jay-Z boasts:

Niggas couldn’t fuck with my daughter’s room
Niggas couldn’t walk in my daughter’s socks

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Blue Ivy Carter is living in the Queen’s toilet

HOW’S Beyonce’s Knowles daughter Blue Ivy Carter getting on? Well, the colour blue has yet to be trademarked (call me Beyonce – they’re killing your brand). But Heat magazine can revels that Blue Ivy – so named after a Coronation Street haircut – has been orientating herself:

“Her 2,200 sq ft nursery has been identically replicated in each of the couple’s three US houses — so Blue doesn’t become disorientated when they travel.”

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Gwyneth Paltrow sees Holy Mother and God in Blue Ivy Carter

GWYNETH Paltrow has gazed upon Blue Ivy Carter and told Hollywood Life that Beyonce and Jay-Z’s daughter is going to be a nurse on a NHS ward in Oldham:

“She is going to be an entertainer. She just has this glow around her like her mother. She’s stunning. She has the most beautiful eyes. Beyonce is doing great. She’s just a natural at being a mom.”

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Revealed: Why Blue Ivy Carter was named Blue Ivy Carter

ALL hail Blue Ivy Carter, the child of  Jay-Z and Beyoncé Knowles. What’s in a name? Well, ever since ‘Poison’ Ivy Tilsley (left) bitched her last on Coronation Street, the name has been waiting to make a comeback. And Blue has been a decent name ever since Billy Blue Cannon strode on to the High Chaparral Ranch in the Arizona Territory in 1870s.

But not eveyone agrees that Jay-Z and Beyonce just chose the name Blue Ivy Carter based on their fave TV showws.

The Huffington Post notes:

Linda Rosenkrankrantz, co-founder of Nameberry, adds that there was a jazz singer Ivy (aka Ivie) Anderson who sang with Duke Ellington. Do Beyonce and Jay-Z know her?

“Uncertain. But when I heard the name Blue I did think of Billie Holiday and Lady Sings the Blues,” said Satran.

Funny. when we heard the word blue we think of a colour and skin on a British summer’s day.

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