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Bognor Regis Man Jailed For Racist YouTube Videos

GARETH Hemingway, 29, of Bognor Regis, and not Anwar al-Awlaki, not even Erika Winchester has been jailed for posting racist videos on YouTube.

At Leeds Crown Court, Hemingway is sent down for15 months.

In his video, Hemingway called for a “racial holy war“, centred on Dewsbury.

Says the Crown’s brief Stuart Laidlaw:

“Gareth Hemingway decided to use the very public forum of YouTube to distribute videos of racist and inflammatory nature which he had edited, and which were designed to provoke violence against ethnic minorities, particularly those living in Dewsbury.

“They called for a ‘racial holy war’, described acts of violence and made supportive references to far right groups such as Combat 18 and Patriots of White European Resistance.”

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Posted: 15th, November 2010 | In: Technology | Comment