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Proof: Bon Jovi DID plagiarise the sound of goats on Livin’ On A Prayer

DID Bon Jovi plagiarise the sond of goats on their massive hit Livin’ On A Prayer? Surel;y they did. Also note the aping of the goats’ hair, coats and groupie techniques:


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Bon Jovi Bails Out British Economy: Gordon Brown’s Prayer

WHY oh why oh why oh why didn’t Gordon Brown just wait a few more days to annonce his bank rescue plan?

Had only Gordon realised that US pop group Bon Jovi had ripped off his seminal 1970s hit Slippery When Wet – Best Wear Boots And Braces & Take Out Private Medical Insurance, he could have sued them for the £400billion needed.

Now we learn that Samuel Bartley Steele, a US musician is suing Bon Jovi for $400 billion in a plagiarism suit.

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