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Madonna notices Lady GaGa fondness for her (with added MIAOW)

REMEMBER when Lady GaGa released Born This Way? Everyone had an opinion on it. People said it was brilliant, others said it was awful. The subplot to it all was: Did it matter that it leaned on Madonna’s Express Yourself so heavily?

Of course, Madge’s fans were apoplectic with rage, while GaGa fans didn’t care. But what does Madonna think about it all? Well, oddly enough, she has just passed judgement on it, vaguely showing her claws about it all.

Madonna said in an interview:

“I thought ‘what a wonderful way to redo my song’.”

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Posted: 13th, January 2012 | In: Celebrities | Comment

Lady GaGa Is Going To Show You EVERYTHING In Her New Book (One Star One Cup)

THERE have been many comparisons between Lady GaGa and Madonna. No bad thing. Rock bands don’t mind being compared to rock’s great and good, so why should it be any different for pop stars?

Well, that’s maybe because pop is supposed to push the envelope hard whereas rock can idly sit around in its pants picking crisps out of its stomach rolls.

Either way, if Madge is losing it, GaGa is taking it. And while her camp pop has stormed pretty much every chart on Earth and her tours have managed to be bigger and weirder than anything Madonna took on the road, soon we’ll all have something else to compare them with.

A book.

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Lady GaGa Didn’t Mean ‘Retard’ Like That, She Meant It The Other Way

UH-OH! Lady Gaga is in trouble again! Why? Has she been wearing meat again, making vegetarians puke? Nope. Has she been living inside a hot water bottle made from tinfoil while wearing a hat made from scrota?

Sadly not. She’s got into a little trouble because she said the word “retarded”.

That’s right. When answering claims that she copied Madonaa’s ‘Express Yourself’ on her (infuriatingly catchy) ‘Born This Way’, she said:

“I’m a songwriter. I’ve written loads of music. Why would I try to put out a song and think I’m getting one over on everybody? That’s retarded.”

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Posted: 21st, April 2011 | In: Music | Comment