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What’s your worst experience of a night club bouncer?

London Scenes - Soho - Walkers Court Club

AHMED Popal, a bouncer in Melbourne, has escaped prison after being found guilty of beating people up at the door. In the video below you can see Popal punching and slapping a woman who had come to help her boyfriend whom Popal had set about.

Popal had a prior conviction for assault but was still granted a licence to work the doors. In court, Popal was handed a seven month suspended sentence and $10,000 fine.

So. What’s the worst thing a bouncer has done to you?

Photo: A man being thrown-out of the Walkers Court Striptease Club off Brewer Street. Date: 15/03/1966


Posted: 25th, April 2013 | In: Reviews, The Consumer | Comment