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Kim Kardashian Look-alike Takes Top Billing In Alleged Brandon Spikes Porn Tape

IS that Brandon Spikes, of the New England Patriots linebacker having sexy times with a Kim Kardashian look-alike in a Chatroulette interaction?

The film was originally offered for sale for a mere $1500. WorldStarHipHop bought it. What they paid is said, but if you like grainy videos of not overly attar give men and someone who looks like someone then it’s all to the good.

And it is not pleasant viewing, a true eye–closer of a porn flick. The golden rule of celebrity porn tapes is that the exposed star is a woman. So, while the headline says Spikes, the true star in the Kardashian look-alike.

We expect to hear more of her soon…

Posted: 31st, August 2010 | In: Sports | Comment