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British Rapper Brisco’s Mugging Set To Music

briscoBRISCO, nee British Alexander Mitchell, is videoed being robbed in Florida barber’s shop. The story goes that the yellowy metal and shiny stones stolen from Brisco’s person amount to £35,000.

Yeah, British is his name. Brisco is his nom de rap. He’s a Brisco kid. Ummm, smell da graveee.

It all looks like one for the insurance investigators, until the investigating officer appears and puts Brisco and the crime in place. That’s Brisco, the “local rapper”.

“They took a little more off the top than he expected. “
“This robbery was off the chain.”

And then the clincher:

“For a rapper to have his bling stolen, they might as well have just stolen this man’s heart!”

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Posted: 7th, August 2009 | In: Reviews | Comment