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Erin Langworthy falls 111m into Zambezi River when bungee snaps

ERIN Langworthy fell 111m into the Zambezi River when the cord on her bungee snapped 25m from the water.

Erin Langworthy was on holiday from Australia. On December 31 she thought it a good idea to jump off a platform above the crocodile-infested Zambezi Rive and bounce up and down in a strip of elastic.

Says Erin:

“It felt like I had been slapped all over.”

In the water, the cord became snagged on rocks:

“I actually had to swim down to yank the bungee cord out of what it was caught in… All the water I inhaled meant I couldn’t breathe and I made them [the ‘rescuers’] roll me on to my side and that’s when I started coughing up water and blood.”

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Posted: 9th, January 2012 | In: Reviews | Comment

Bungee: Man Hanged 42 Times By Tower Bridge

JAMES Field completed 42 jumps bungee jumps in front of London’s Tower Bridge to break the World Record for the number of jumps in one hour, which was, as you know, 19. They used to just stick heads on pikes. This has so much more potential…

Posted: 26th, September 2010 | In: Strange But True | Comment