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Darts: Jesus thrown out of Cash Converters Players’ Championship at Butlins at Minehead, Somerset

“IT was all very weird and distressing. I didn’t break down crying but I did get emotionally distraught. They were bullying me and picking on me, saying that I was someone else. It would have been okay if the security hadn’t made a fuss getting me out of the arena. I was evicted for something I have no control over. I felt discriminated against. After the tournament ended, I must admit a lot of people went to get autographs and signed photos from me.

 “I signed a few pieces of paper – but in my real name, not Jesus.”

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Butlins Clacton Celebrates The Yashmak

EMMA West Armchair Theater presents the 1958 Butlins Yashmaks beauty contest.

Ah, the glory days of Clacton, Essex, when Britain was beautiful…

Spotter: Arbroath

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