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Cardinal Keith O’Brien was ‘always straight’ with me, says Monsignor in Rome

Susan Boyle pancake day

“I MET him a few times when I was in Rome. I always found him very affable, very straight.” The words of Monsignor Michael Starkey on Cardinal Keith O’Brien.

With others, he was less straight, allegedly…


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Cardinal Keith O’Brien, Jimmy Savile and blowing smoke up the Catholic Church

CARDINAL Keith O’Brien has resigned. Gay rights group Stonewall once called the head of the Catholic Church in Scotland, “bigot of the year”.

He’s accused of sexual impropriety against four priests, three of them still serving. Nothing has been proven. The cardinal has denied the charges. Piers Paul Read says in the Times that “his resignation suggests that there may be some fire behind the smoke“.

Does it?

Cardinal O’Brien has tendered his resignation as Archbishop of St Andrews and Edinburgh. Vatican policy advices that bishops retire at the age of 75. He’s 74.

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The Vatican’s problem with Cardinal Keith O’Brien and gay priests

THE Vatican has yet to open as a gay nightspot in Old Compton Street. The Catholic Church is not yet undone by rumours of homosexuality in the Pope’s palace. The Vatican’s spokesman, Fr. Federico Lombardi, maintains the line that such stories of gay sex amongst the prelates is salacious gossip and has nothing to do with Benedict XVI’s decision to resign:

We are indebted to Vatican Radio’s English translation, which makes the Father appear more than a little verbose:

There is no lack, in fact, of those who seek to profit from the moment of surprise and disorientation of the spiritually naive to sow confusion and to discredit the Church and its governance, making recourse to old tools, such as gossip, misinformation and sometimes slander, or exercising unacceptable pressures to condition the exercise of the voting duty on the part of one or another member of the College of Cardinals, who they consider to be objectionable for one reason or another.

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