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Casey-Lyanne Kearney: tabloids go easy on Hannah Bonser

CASEY-Lyanne Kearney was 13 when she was stabbed to death in Doncaster’s Elmfield Park. Hannah Bonser, 26, of Cusworth House, Doncaster, has been charged with her murder and two counts of possession of a knife.

Amid the tributes and tears to the innocent teenager killed with her life ahead of her, there is news on her alleged killer. Bonser was known to local social services agencies.

The Daily Mail writes:

Stab charge woman ‘spent childhood in foster homes’

Bonser’s brother Ben is quoted:

“Everyone knew us as the Mormon family.We went to church every week in our smartest clothes and we were kept away from children who my parents thought were a bad influence. My mum was the light of our lives and when she died, Hannah was traumatised. She had been the one who held us together and encouraged us all to be better people. After she had gone, we fell apart.”

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