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Steve Smith quits Australia cricket captaincy role

Smith Smith is no longer captain of the Australian cricket team. His deputy David Warner has also stepped down. Both players cheated and got found out. Smith admitted that the team’s “leadership group” had discussed a plot to tamper with the ball in the Test series against South Africa. Cameron Bancroft was caught on camera on the third day of the third Test between in Cape Town taking a yellow tape from his pocket before rubbing the ball. Aware he;d been spotted, he then stuffed the tape down his trousers.


Down Under Press


“We had a discussion during the [lunch] break and I saw an opportunity to use some tape, get some granules from the rough patches on the wickets and change the condition,” said Bancroft. “It didn’t work. The umpires didn’t change the ball. Once I was sighted on the screen I panicked quite a lot and that’s why I shoved it [a piece of sticky tape] down my trousers.”

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was upset. “I am shocked and bitterly disappointed by the news from South Africa,” said Turnbull. “It seems beyond belief the Australian cricket team have been involved in cheating. Our cricketers are role models and cricket is synonymous with fair play. How can our team be engaged in cheating like this? It beggars belief.”

Role models. Haha. No. They’re not. But they are cheats.

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Woman invents this vengeful game to dump cheating boyfriend!

CHEATING is a crime. It happens every day. There are people running round. Soon they’ll have to pay. Think nobody’s watching, but you better think again… another heart broken.

If you haven’t got Joey Greco to sort out your cheater of a partner, then what can you do? If you’re one canny woman, you’ll invent a game to show your partner what’s what.

In a letter, the writer states that she has packaged all of her beau’s belongings after finding out about his cheating ways on Facebook.


“I even invented a neat game,” said the lady, revealing that she’d left boxes of his stuff in locations related to key moments in their relationship.

“Your video games are where we first kissed!” read one clue, signing off with: “Have fun! Oh, and while I didn’t break or damage anything, I can’t guarantee anybody else won’t find it! Happy hunting!”

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Google Maps grasses up man cheating on fiance

THE internet has done wonders for people’s sex lives, enabling them to flirt more confidently and meet other people without having to brave a bar filled with stouty burps first. However, with every silver lining is a dirty great raincloud, as one Russian lothario soon discovered.

While browsing Google Maps, a Russian lady found that her other-half was having it away with someone else. Marina Voinova, from Perm (where everyone looks like the Liverpool FC squad in the early ’80s), was looking for an address online and, when switching to the Street View feature, she saw an image of her fiance cuddling up to another woman.

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Criminal investigation starts with Lance Armstrong, but he’ll keep £7.7m

THE problem with Lance Armstrong, now officially a cheat, is that he was tedious. If Armstrong had any discernible personality or was at all eccentric, all this cheating would’ve been really fun. He’s no Jacques Anquetil is he? There’s nothing about Armstrong that says ‘lovable rogue’ or ‘wild man of sport’. He just cheated so he could win.

And that is why everyone doesn’t like him. He’s tedious, ruthless and ambitious and little else.

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Pregnant Chantelle still shagging Alex Reid despite being massively pregnant because he might cheat on her

CLASSY news time and Britain’s most simultaneously gruesome but haplessly likeable couple (likeable in a way that, they’re so blissfully stupid that you can’t help but wish them well after being mangled by the gawdawful machinery of fame) Alex Reid and  fiancée Chantelle Houghton are talking about their sex lives.

They’ve announced that they will definitely be having more than one child together, which is all well and normal. However, it is the way they talk about it which may make you dry-heave.

Chantelle is 5 months pregnant with their baby daughter and Alex is already planning for them to have a boy, too. In slightly rapey tones, Reid says:

“She has no choice. She’s going to get Reidernated again!”

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Did Angelina Jolie admit to cheating on Brad Pitt?!

SOME of you women would love ten minutes alone with Brad Pitt. He’s a real dreamboat isn’t he? One of those ‘real men’ ones that has a bit of facial hair and isn’t appallingly thin like an emaciated little girl. Oh! The things you’d do to him. He’d never want another woman, right?

Well, sadly for you, he’s dating Angelina Jolie and she’s invariably much better looking than you. In fact, she’s so good looking that she can allegedly cheat on Pitt and still have him as a beau. How gutting is that for you?

The astonishingly trustworthy source in this news-caper is the National Enquirer and they’ve run a story that sees Jolie ‘admitting’ to cheating on Pitt! Apparently, they had gone to a marital counseling session, but he stormed out after she confessed to hooking up with another man.

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