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Psycho slashed: Alfred Hitchcock’s classic in 24 seconds, 60 seconds and 11seconds

psycho shower

DOUGLAS Gordon’s version of Psycho last 24 hours. Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film also inspired Chris Bors to adapt the movie. He compacted the action into 24 seconds:

24 Second Psycho appropriates the entire Alfred Hitchcock moviePsycho and condenses it into twenty-four seconds. Tweaking the concept of artist Douglas Gordons 24 Hour Psycho, where Hitchcocks masterpiece was slowed-down to a crawl, here the process is reversed to accommodate society’s increasingly short attention span. Seeing Hitchcocks most lasting contribution to cinema flash before your eyes in a matter of seconds represents our new information age where culture is packaged for easy consumption at a breakneck pace.

But could the film be show faster? Yes. All hail Joe Frese’s  Sixty Second Psycho:

Maybe it can all be surmised in an 11-second gif?

psycho gif


Posted: 1st, July 2013 | In: Film | Comment