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Exploding Fridges Cause Earth Cancer

daily-wail1621TODAY’S Media Scare Story comes, as ever, from the Daily Mail which tells readers that an “‘environmentally friendly’ fridge coolant” is causing fridges to explode. Earth Cancer!

Chris Brooke has more on the new fridge that does so much more than just keep things chilled:

Luckily no-one was hurt when Kathy Cullingworth’s fridge exploded but the damage bill was £10,000. A series of violent fridge explosions is believed to have been caused by leaks of ‘environmentally-friendly’ coolant.

Believed. While we investigate the science, Brooke says that Kathy’s entertaining fridge is one of many:

Safety standards for manufacturers might have to be reviewed following the blasts, which have destroyed several kitchens.

They might. Or else they might not. But how common is the exploding fridge, Chris?

At least four similar explosions have been reported in the last three years in the UK, two of them since May.

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Posted: 1st, September 2009 | In: Reviews | Comments (3)