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Killer daffodils strike Scotland’s salad fans

THE Daily Record carries an interesting story that “Health and safety bosses have warned Scottish people not to eat daffodils”. Are daffodils being mistaken for fresh fruit? The paper says eating daffodils gives you “diarrhoea”. Isn’t that yellow plums? Daffodils, thanks to roundabouts and Max Boyce’s hat, are familiar. It’s oddly exciting that we can now see them afresh as object of terror and death.
Trading standards officer Steve Fox, of East Renfrewshire Council, tells the paper:

 “This may be a srtange request. But we want to flag this up, especially to parents of young children who may be attracted to the daffodil’s vivid yellow colour.”

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Posted: 22nd, March 2012 | In: The Consumer | Comment (1)