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Dale Farm: Travellers Lose, Basildon Council Wins And Gypsies Are Invited To Settle In Wales

THE Dale Farm Travellers have lost. A High Court judge says Basildon Council can remove caravans from 49 of the 54 plots at Dale Farm. There are still issues to resolve, but the bailiffs can remove walls, fences and gates from the site of the non-travelling travellers.

Basildon council must also cough up a third of the travellers’ legal costs.

Meanwhile, over in Wales, The Welsh Government supports a “new deal” between travellers and statics. It’s published a document called Travelling to a Better Future. We learn:

“This is an opportunity to sketch out a new relationship between Gypsies and travellers and the settled community. For too long the relationship between the two has been antagonistic, based on suspicion, confrontation and a lack of understanding from both perspectives.”

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Posted: 3rd, October 2011 | In: Reviews | Comment