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Guardian Blogger Who Celebrated Wikileaks Cabals Upset Over Leaked ClimateGate Emails

DAMIAN Carrington writes a bog for the Guardian. He’s upset:

There is a scandal behind the latest release of emails written by climate scientists but is not about climate science. The true scandal is how, two years on, no one still has a clue who obtained the emails…The police inquiry, led by Norfolk Constabulary, has spent nothing on the investigation since March this year, and only £6,000 in the six months before that… That is not good enough.

Until we know the identity and motivation of those behind the release of the emails, they still present a danger….

Not naming your sources is a scandal? Carrington may care to read The Observer’s views on The Guardian’s Amelia Hill. One key point the paper makes is:

“Journalists have a duty to defend their sources.”

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Posted: 7th, December 2011 | In: Reviews | Comment