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David Rathband: Raoul Moat was ‘evil’ Voldemort and Daily Express wants his Facebook fans dead

RAOUL Moat: Anorak’s look at the death of Pc David Rathband and the man who shot him in the news…

The Sun (front page): “Moat still haunts me like Voldemort”

To help readers understand that Raoul Moat – a murderous thugs turned into a media folk hero – is like the Harry Potter villain – a work of fiction – the Sun shows thumbnail portraits of both men. Moat is a “monster”. Voldemort is “evil”. We hear from David Rathband – an ordinary man tossed into an extraordinary situation who then, apparently, took his own life:

“I may be blind but I can still see Moat’s face… It’s more of a melted face now — like the evil Voldemort from the Harry Potter films. The strange thing is that while I can see Moat in my mind, I have no recollection of how my wife or children look whatsoever. They are as featureless as an orange to me, and that’s what hurts the most. The doctors have no idea if my memories of my family will ever come back. Sure I can hear their voices and have a cuddle, but I can’t see their smiles which instantly cheers you up. I can’t even remember Christmas Days with them — it’s all gone. It’s very lonely in here every day, living in the darkness without having the images of my family for company.”

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