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Actor attacks reviewer – The Knot is ‘the must-miss comedy of 2012’

DOES Davie Fairbanks have a problem with reviewers? His new film is called The Knot:

A couple endures a series of mishaps right before their wedding day.

Londonfilmfanatiq, tols its readers:

Predictable, idiotic, insulting and insipidEvery joke, gag and idea dies an immediate death before it begins to rot whilst onscreen.  Not a single actor or moment makes one minute of The Knot worth viewing. ..The Knot is 90 minutes of non-stop horrible, derivative ‘comedy’ that is never once funny, even in the slightest…The Knot is the must-miss comedy of 2012…”

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Posted: 7th, October 2012 | In: Film | Comment