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Dina Lohan’s Car Crash Interview: Lindsay Sister Act Is Born To Entertain

DINA Lohan is Lindsay Lohan’s mother. She’s on the red carpet telling a fawning presenter that Lindsay has “three films slated“. (We guess it loses something in the translation – although not every actor can say every film is a success.) Also, Dina is wearing a dress by an Australian designer she can’t talk about. You might snort with derision and make a snide and wholly wrong comment about Lindsay having ripped the label off when she got it out the store.

Or you might see the wonderful Dina for the true entertainer she is. It’s not talking this much nonsense to camera – but Dina’s got showbiz in her veins, and if the script demands it, she will talk and talk and talk…

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Posted: 16th, September 2011 | In: Celebrities | Comment