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Disabled Granny Headbutts Midget Muggers In Barnstable

NEWS from Barnbstable, Devon, that a “disabled grandmother” has saved herself from a mugging by headbutting one of the three villains. The Ealing Times does not name the woman. All we learn is that she is 49-year-old, five feet tall and registered disabled. She is a mother to six. She has 24 grandchildren. She was attacked by three hoodies as she piloted her mobility scooter along a road.

Says she:

“They were not expecting me to fight back. I am a very strong person because of what I have gone through in my life. As they attacked me, I heard my grandchildren saying to me in my head ‘Nan, get up and fight them’.

“When I headbutted the robber I think I broke his nose, it was that strong. Once they saw me attack him his mates scarpered and so did he.”

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