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Disneyland’s Thunder Mountain Roller Coaster Made Harwich Man Steal From Royal Mail

GEORGE Ramplin, 43, tells the Beak at Chelmsford Crown Court that he turned to stealing parcels becase of an episode on the Disneyland roller coaster Thunder Mountain in August 2010.

Ramplin says the ride sparked flashbacks of an accident that had befallen him when he was 10. He had been in a minibus that crashed in May 1978. Seven children and one adult died. He was badly injured.

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Muslim Worker Challenges Disneyland’s ‘Ban’ On Hijab

THE burqa battle goes to Disneyland. Our Man in LA looks at the case of Imane Boudial, who is suing Disneyland over their strict dress code:

Disneyland refers to its employees as “cast members“, with a dress code that’s been relaxed over the past fifty years but remains relatively strict. The “Disney look” is meant to ensure all teh guests feel comfortable around all the cast members.

Female cast members can wear small stud or smaller hoop earrings; men may not wear earrings. Fingernails that are long, dirty or painted in a color that is not natural are not allowed. Hair must be of a natural color, looking natural even if it’s not the natural color. Makeup must be only on women, minimal, and natural-looking. Visible tattoos are expressly forbidden. Male cast members are still forbidden from having long hair, sideburns can’t pass the earlobes, and mustaches can’t extend beyond the corners of the employee’s mouth.

This week, a cast member challenged the dress code.

Imane Boudial filed a discrimination complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in downtown Los Angeles yesterday.

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