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Joanna Yeates: ID Cards, DNA And A Labour MP’s Pet Cause

JOANNA Yeates: Can the Sunday Express conjure up a headline to compete with its sister organ the Star, the paper that told us:


This sensational “new evidence” was based on the opinion of a psychic named Carol Everett. We learnt:

The psychic investigator insists she “saw” Jo being attacked by two of a group of five men after she rejected their offer of a lift.

No Sleep Til Brooklands considers Everett’s form:

She claimed to have drawn Huntley and Maxine Carr before they were arrested, a claim which seems impressive at first but falls apart when you scroll down to the untouched image, which has ‘Carr’ with beyond-shoulder-length hair, and an utterly generic white male drawing which claims Huntley has blue eyes (he doesn’t), piercings (none visible) and isn’t even sure whether the thing on his head is hair or a scarf.

And you can round up the usual suspcts:

Carol described the killer she saw as of mixed race, 5ft 11in to 6ft tall and in his early 20s. She said the second man was 5ft 8in to 5ft 10in tall with fair hair.

So. To the Express. Here goes:


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