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Earthquake Kills 100 In London…Soon

SCARE Story of The Day is the Daily Mail’s news that 100 Britons are scheduled to be crushed to death by an earthquake that is long overdue.

Before David Derbyshire’s story, the headline:

Quake Britain: UK overdue a massive tremor that could kill scores of people at any moment, warn experts

The source of the news is one Dr Roger Musson who “believes a fracture in the earth’s crust beneath the English Channel could slip at any time, sending a tremor rippling across the south east”.

Can’t argue with the science. And 100 of your southern ponces will die! Because:

The same fault was to blame for one of Britain’s biggest earthquakes in the last 500 years – a magnitude 6 quake that killed two children in London in 1580.

So. Last time there was a quake on the same fault line two people died.

According to Dr Musson, the same scale of earthquake would be 50 times more serious today because the population has grown so much.

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