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Clean Eric Roberts In Celebrity Rehab – Up Next Celebrity Bestiality

JULIA ROBERTS’ brother Eric Roberts is booked into appear on the TV show Celebrity Rehab. The Express tells us:

Counsellor Dr. Drew Pinsky will attempt to help the star battle his substance abuse demons once and for all.

But Roberts has no addiction. His publicist Chuck Jones tells WENN:

“It’s not for anything serious. He’s not hooked on prescription meds or hard drugs or anything like that.”

So. What is he hooked on? Fame? TV? Being recognised? Cheese?

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Val Kilmer’s Chaos Experiment Kills Cinema Audiences

val-kilmerVAL Kilmer’s new film, the Chaos Experiment, is, as Tim Blair says, the greatest global warming movie never seen. Which is a shame when you learn of the plot:

A former professor concocts a brutal experiment in order to get the word out on the effects of global warming. By trapping six people in an urban Turkish bathhouse, he vows to overheat his hostages unless his global-warming hypothesis is published on the front page of his local paper.

In Finland they laugh in the face of overheating.

Val Kilmer is the professor with a ladle of water. The plot is a steamy as a greyhound’s freshly laid turd. Well, Eric Roberts is in it:

In a nutshell, the “six sexy strangers” get naked before they go crazy and start killing one another.

This is how the world will end, as it began, only with bigger chests and waxed groins. William Yeatman delivers the news in a nutshell:

Val Kilmer’s New Global Warming Film Is Awful Despite Gratuitous Nudity

Eco-razzi says “The Chaos Experiment” (aka “The Steam Experiment“, aka “Who Farted?”)was released in only 2 theatres before going straight to video.


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