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When Katie Price Met Amanda Holden, Eyebrows Were Raised And Stayed Raised: In Pictures

KATIE Price has been promoting her range of riding clothing at the London International Horse Show, at Olympia, London. No arseless chap, metallic cowboy hats and whips. Katie wore jumper and trousers. In other Katie Price news, Amanda Holden tells News of The World readers how she met Katie Price. No, it isn’t Halloween. It was Piers Morgan’s party.

“…Katie grabs my hands and suddenly starts belting out Bryan Adams’ Heaven… A few drinks later, we’re having photos taken and Katie begins posing provocatively on the floor as if she’s on a calendar shoot. Lily Allen looks on horrified and bursts into tears. “Somebody needs to help her, this is awful to watch,” she sobs, so I put my arm around her and try to calm her down. I share Lily’s concerns, though. Before I leave, I see Katie singing to the entire room. She seems so vulnerable. I feel sad, but it’s not my place to rescue her.”

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Posted: 19th, December 2009 | In: Celebrities | Comment