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Faisal Shahzad, The National Rifle Association And The Powerful Fireworks Lobby

FAISAL Shahzad packs an SUV with propane tanks, fireworks, petrol and a clock device. He parks the vehicle in Times Square, New York. He tries to blow up his concoction. He wants to kill and maim. He fails.

And the New York Times Op-ed writes about the gun lobby, the National Rifle Association. Because Faisal had in his ownership a legally obtained gun.

Congress, for example, is cowering before the gun lobby insistence that even terrorist suspects who are placed on the “no-fly list” must not be denied the right to buy and bear arms.

How many bought Nissan Pathfingers, the car Shahzad parked up?

It is a sign of the gun lobby’s growing confidence that if feels free to keep up the pressure, public and private, after the near-disaster in New York. Normally, the lobby goes quiet for a decent interval after a particularly heinous crime occurs.

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Posted: 9th, May 2010 | In: Reviews | Comments (4)