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Essex Social Workers Dope Mother To Steal Her Baby


IS anywhere safe from suspicious glares of social workers? No. In Essex, a woman has had her baby removed form her womb. Essex social service thought it a good idea to take the child from her mother’s womb by caesarean section

The baby snatchers went in armed with a High Court order. The mother, an Italian in the UK for a training course at Ryanair in Standsted, had suffered a mental breakdown brought on, her relatives believe, by her failure to take medication for her bi-polar condition. The panicking woman had called the police from her hotel room. They arrived when she was speaking to her mother. The older woman told police about her daughter’s condition.

They would ltake her to a hospital. But they took her to a psychiatric ward.

For five weeks she was imprisoned on a secure ward, sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

The social workers never told her they were going to take her baby. Meanwhile, the law said she could be forcibly sedated. She was. They strapped her down, The baby was cut out of her. For her own good. For her health and peace of mind.

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Posted: 2nd, December 2013 | In: Reviews | Comments (2)