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BBC Reporter Frank Gardner Offers No Forgiveness To The Last Living Islamist That Shot Him

In 2004, BBC news reporter and former Army captain Frank Gardner was shot six times by an Islamist gang. The attack in Riyadh murdered his cameraman, Simon Cumbers. Mr Gardner is in a wheelchair. He spent a year in hospital. He endured 14 operations.

Only one member of that gang, Adel Al-Dhubaiti, is alive. But not for long. He’d just been sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia.

Says Gardner:

“He is completely unrepentant. He has never said sorry. He is still in the mindset that he had when he attacked us. So forgiveness is not really an option… It’s not like this man’s parents have written to me or anyone saying, ‘Please forgive him’. No one has apologised…“I don’t want to see this guy. Why would I? What am I going to get from it? The man’s soul is dead… I gather he’s put on weight in jail – he has been eating quite well.”

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Posted: 23rd, November 2014 | In: Reviews | Comments (3)