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Harry Redknapp, Frank Lampard and Chelsea linked to paedo thought sex, says The Sun

LOVE rat, five-times-a-night footballers rejoiced when the News of the World hung up its probing lens and closed its wallet to kiss ‘n’ tell models. But the Sun on Sunday is here to tell us that Chelsea player Frank Lampard has a “paedo uncle”. Slowly, slowly, the Sun on Sunday removes its top. ‘Are you readers ready for shag-n’n tells?’ it asks. ‘YES,’ we cry. But the self-styled ‘family’ paper wants us to wait. It is unsure of itself sexually. But it knows a paedo when it spots one stood in the dock. Paedos are a Sun mainstay.

The Premier League sex story is not dead, it’s just shifted its gaze to Paul Lamb, a “predatory pervert” married to Gwen, the sister to Frank Lampard’s dad, Frank Lampard Snr.

The story might have been “Jamie Redknapp’s first cousin once removed is a predatory paedo“; or for added sensation that goes to the upper echelons of the national game, “Harry Redknapp’s family in paedo shame“, or “England mascots in peril!

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Posted: 11th, March 2012 | In: Sports | Comment