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Frankie Boyle Gives Racists A Good Laugh: But Not Emily Parr

FOR those of you who missed the racist tones of Frankie Boyle’s joke about Katie Price’s black son Harvey Price trying to rape her, preferring to focus on the fact that Jordan’s son is disabled, the BBC-approved Jerry Sadowitz lite will now use the words nigger and Paki in his act.

A Channel 4 spokesman will now explain the joke. Saying nigger and Paki does not represent a return to the 1970s when comics would get laughs with such words because Boyle is deeply clever. Not once did he say, “Oh, deary-deary-me” and wobble his head. He never stuck out his lips for the black joke nor used the phrases “spade” or “Brixton briefcase”. Know that:

“This cutting edge comedy is clearly intended to ridicule and satirise the use of these words – Frankie Boyle was not endorsing them.”

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Posted: 24th, December 2010 | In: TV & Radio | Comment